Electric Bike Match

Welcome to Electric Bike Match!

So happy you popped in today. Let's get you out & on the ride of your life. Five simple questions will get you going. Ready? Let's go.







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Are you a man/woman or don't think gender should be a factor?



Gender neutral

What kind of riding will you be doing, primarily?

Getting around town, quickly

Simple joy of riding a bike

For sport and fitness

What characteristics do you want most from your eBike?

A super commuter that is fast and nimble

Performance and the ability to ride on all types of terrain

Comfort, style and utility

When choosing an eBike (fill in the blank) is most important to me:

the ability to carry lots of stuff

the ability to ride in all weather conditions

ease of getting on and off

And how much were you thinking of spending on your new eBike?

Up to $2,000

$2,000 to $3,000

$3,000 to $4,000

$4,000 and up


Well, these are some fine looking rides that we think may suit what you're looking for. Select any of them to learn more. Thanks again, you're awesome!